Articles published in the issue 10, 2015

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01.10.2015 11:23

Operations on adjustment of geometry of the rail track planning using the data of track measurement cars


Keywords: track, track management car, urgent, top-priority, scheduled, track repair work



The method and research results of information obtained by track management cars about the track state for planning track repair work to eliminate track defects have been shown. The defect types and their degrees measured by the relevant assessment method as well as the lengths of deviation from the rules of track maintenance have been analyzed. This was possible due to the latest versions of the software installed into track management cars of the КВЛ-П system.  The scope and sequence of repair track work depending on their urgency, top-priority and schedule under structural and seasonal conditions has been determined. The conclusion concerning the efficiency of the presented method has been made.



Karpuschenko Nikolai Ivanovich ‑ Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of «Track and Track Facilities» Department Siberian Transport University (STU), e-mail:

Bystrov Anton Viktorovich ‑

Tutor, engineer of «Track Testing Research Laboratory», Siberian Transport University (STU), e-mail:

Murzin Igor Vladimirovich ‑ Head of Inskaya track maintenance department

Trukhanov Pavel Stanislavovich ‑ Post-graduate student, engineer of «Track Testing Research Laboratory», Siberian Transport University (STU), e-mail:



Stabilization of the temperature regime of embankments in permafrost regions


Keywords: Permafrost, road, embankment, thermal impact, thermal piles, heat exchange, soil freezing, thermostabilization

Andreev Vitaliy Stepanovich, post-graduate TyumGASU, Tyumen,



Natural conditions are broken in a road zone during road building in permafrost circumstances, thermal balance that provided formation of permafrost is broken. As result it is reduction or loss of a ground carrying ability and deformations of soil bed with artificial construction. To conserve a soil bed in a project position different actions are applied during operation period. The essence of arrangements comes to formation of additional thermal effects that compensate natural thermal balance violations after road construction. In the article examples are given when evenly area distributed thermal effects are replaced with intermittent or concentrated ones in shape. It is brought out the value of efficiency and side effects. It is made a number of generalizations. It is grounded a practicability of individual problem to compare concentrated, intermittent and distributed kinds of thermal effects for stabilization temperature conditions permafrost grounds.





Passek, Vadim Vasilevich ‑ Professor, doctor of technical Sciences, General. Dir. LTD «CLIT» Moscow, e-mail:

Maxim V. Paskov ‑ researcher at LTD «CLIT»,

Pilavachi Ilya Nikolaevich, scientific officer LTD «CLIT»,