Articles published in the issue 8, 2017

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01.08.2017 12:44

What will you do, if long-welded rail has fastened at low temperature


Keywords: continuous welded rails (CWR), fastening down temperature, anchoring of track, stability of railway track, ball resistance.

Novakovich Vasily — D.Sci., Professor, Rostov State Transport University (RSTU), Chair «Railway and track facilities». E-mail:

Abstract. This paper are analyzed different configuration, which allow fixing of continuous welded rails (CWR) at low temperature. There are some effective methods to notify buckling of CWR.



Geoeco-Protective Technologies Of Storage Of Old Suitable Wooden Cross Ties


Keywords: old suitable cross ties, preventive screen, absorbing properties, geoeco-protective parameters.

Svatovskaya Larisa — D.Sci., PGUPS, professor.


Shershneva Maria — D.Sci., PGUPS, professor.


Abstract. In article the negative impact of organic pollution from old suitable wooden cross ties is considered. The design for geoecodefense of soils from such influence is offered. It is shown that such design can be executed in the form of the porizovanny screen. The design sizes taking into account geoeco-protective properties of the porizovanny screen and coefficient of geoecological reliability are calculated.