Articles published in the issue 5, 2017

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01.05.2017 00:00

Extend the Life Cycle of Rails, removing due to Wear


Keywords: side wear, sharp curve, lubricate, the coefficient of friction, hardness, carbon content.

Shur Evgeny — Dr.Sci, Professor, Leading Engineer «Transport materials» department JSCo «VNIIZhT». E-mail:

Bortch Alecsey — Ph.D., Head of the laboratory «Materials and technology of heat treatment of track superstructure components and rolling stock» department JSCo «VNIIZhT». E-mail:

Abdurashitov Anatolii — Ph.D., Head of «railway and track facilities» department JSCo «VNIIZhT». E-mail:

Abstract. The influence of the significance of the wheel slippage, lubrication, hardness and carbon content of rail steel on the processes of wear is analyzed. It is shown that the degree of impact of external operational factors on the wear rate of rails much higher than the internal related quality of rail steel in a real interval of their variation. The optimum interval of hardness to enhance the wear resistance of rails and wheels equals 380 – 400 HB. The statistical analysis of data on carbon content and hardness of the rails category DТ350 and DТ370IK produced by JSC «EVRAZ ZSMK» showed the values of these characteristics for rails DТ370IK are an insufficient. The recommendations to improve the wear resistance of rails in curves on 65 % were elaborated. It is based on the increase of the carbon content and hardness, the application of profile grinding, an verified calculation of the altitude of the outer rail in the curves, enhancement of lubrication.


The system of detection of isolating joint gap based on magnetic sensors


Keywords: gap of a rail juncture, isolating joint gap, railway carriage for inspection, magnetic field sensors, electronic module.

Glazkov Mikhail — manager of ZAO «PIK PROGRESS» department. E-mail:

Koltsov German — final year student at National Research Nuclear University «MEPHI».


Sanzharevsky Kirill — second year magister at National Research Nuclear University «MEPHI».


Abstract. This article deals with the problem of detection of isolating joint gap and possible ways to solve it. It provides a reasonableness for the use of non-contact magnetic detection resources. The results of laboratory tests of developed an electronic module with a magnetoresistive sensor is placed here.


Advanced model of railroad construction machines


Keywords: railways, track structure, excavators, self-propelled machines on the combined run, track facilities, equipment changes, the distillation, splash, track repairs.

Grinchar Nikolay — D.Sci., professor of the department «Railroad, construction machines and robotic systems» of Moscow State Transport University. E-mail :

Danilin Vladimir — lecturer of the Kaluga division of Moscow training center of the professional qualifications, the structural unit of the Moscow Railway, a branch of JSC «RZD».


Abstract. The article deals with a loader-excavator construction KGT-4RS and the possibilities of using versatile machines of this type on the combined track for use in road maintenance department of the Russian railways. It has been shown that one of the most promising developments is the company’s family of excavators Geismar type KGT. Also considered some of the factors hindering the active introduction of these vehicles in everyday practice, in particular, the current shortcomings in the current operating instructions removable moving units. Proposed a number of organizational and technical measures to improve the efficiency of these machines.