Articles published in the issue 12, 2015

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01.12.2015 11:34

Improving deep ballast cleaning works during the railway track repairs


Key words: Repairs of railway track, georadar, GPR, diagnostics of railway, ballast, fouling, processing techniques.



This work is dedicated to the creation of a simple method for evaluation the fouling and clogging of the ballast. Unlike the other known methods used in the practice of ballast repair works, the proposed method can allow obraining the continuous information about the ballast. This is necessary for the organization of repair works on the actual state of the ballast.


Yavna V.A. ‑ professor, head of department, е-mail:,

Shapovalov V.L. ‑ associate professor, е-mail:,

Morozov A.V. ‑ associate professor, е-mail:,,

Ermolov K.M. ‑ assistant, е-mail:

Rostov State Transport University