Articles published in the issue 11, 2014

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01.11.2014 08:37

Forecasting of a residual resource of a special rolling stock on the basis of an assessment of crack resistance of the bearing metalwork.


Keywords: residual resource, forecasting, cracking, structural engineering, special rolling stock, metal fatigue, extension of term of operation.



The method of forecasting of a residual resource of a special rolling stock based on an assessment of emergence and development of cracks of the bearing designs for the purpose of justification of possibility of extension of term of operation of a rolling stock is described.



Sychev Peter Vjacheslavovich, engineer VNIIZHT, e-mail:

Restoration of lines of rails by welding and elimination of expansion joints is necessary.


Keywords:Line of rails, joint gap, place of temporary restoration, temperature of rail, temperature force, leveling place, long-welded rails, fastening down temperature, fish bolt.



Supervisions over temporary rail inserts and leveling places of long-welded rails, proving insufficient compensation of temperature forces in lines of rails are given. The conclusion about necessity of immediate welding of places with temporary rail inserts and elimination of leveling places is drawn.



Khatukaev Ali Supyanovich, post-graduate student, foreman for the control and inspection of the Gudermes distance of railway track, Rostov State Transport University, e-mail: