Articles published in the issue 10, 2017

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01.10.2017 10:36

Automated system «SADKO»


Keywords: railway maintenance machines, track machine, monitoring, diagnostics, automated system.

Adadurov Alexandr — Ph.D. in Engineering Science, JSC «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport», Head of «Scientific information-analytical center» (SIAC) — branch of JSC «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport». E-mail:

Shulgin Alexey — Head of SIAC laboratory. E-mail:

Perevyazkin Aleksandr — VNIIZHT main specialist. E-mail:

Abstract. The article presents the aspects of automated rolling stock operation control system «SADKO» developing and implementation on different kinds of maintenance vehicles. It also includes the implementation problem analysis and «SADKO» application cost-effective analysis.



Providing Railway Track Stability In Joint Sections Between Railroad Facilities And Subgrade


Keywords: sub-rail base modulus of elasticity, variable stiffness, subsidence, efficiency, rigid layer.

Stoyanovich Gennady — D.Sci., Professor Far Eastern State University of Railway Transport. E-mail:

Pupatenko Viktor — Ph.D., assistant Professor Far Eastern State University of Railway Transport. E-mail:

Zmeev Konstantin — Department head Khabarovsk center of track span lines and machinery of PDO I JSC «Russian Railways». E-mail:

Abstract. The paper presents the results of design, implementation and operational observations of nonstandard track structures with variable stiffness in joint sections of bridges and tunnels with regular subgrade. Technical and economic efficiency evaluation based on long-term real data analysis was carried out.



Controls Protector For Turnouts


Keywords: switch, the switch point specprofile, controls protector, classification of defects.

Korolev Vadim — PhD, associate Professor of Russian Open Academy of Тransport Russian University of Transport of Emperor Nicholas II. E-mail:

Abstract. The publication describes the design and operation of the wits of the arrow of the switch. The criteria for the valuation valid controls wear of the tread. The method of calculation of controls protector. Recommendations on the use of controls protector for the switch.



Diagnostics under load values, torques of the fastenings in the Railwaytrac


Keywords: load diagnostics fasteners; the magnitude of the tightening of fasteners; retention capacity of rail fastenings; the probability of a safe operation; weldless way; the release path.

Makarov Alexey — deputy Director of the scientific center «the Track infrastructure and the issues of interaction wheel-rail» (JSC «VNIIZhT»). E-mail:

Abstract. The article considers the problem of determining the coefficient of stability way, through the determination of the torque precipices intermediate rail fasteners with the use of an automated method based on the load of diagnostics with application of load of the complex SPM-18 and its analogs.

Based on previously completed research, we developed a method of calculation of stability of the path by the example of continuous welded rail lashes, through the increase in temperature of rail lashes, allowed by the stability condition of the path against the release of which considers the current value of the torque precipices.


Restoring the resource of the arch culvert taking into account the impact of the wheel


Keywords: resource, culvert, railroad, impactor, target, gain , the architectural appearance, Maxwell model, Kelvin-Voight model.

Baidosov Roman — graduate student of ROAT, RUT. E-mail:

Loktev Aleksey — Dr. of physico-mathematical sciences, professor, head of the department Transport construction ROAT, RUT. E-mail:

Sychev Vyacheslav — Dr.Sci, Professor of ROAT, RUT. E-mail:

Tserekh Stanislav — leading engineer of JSC «RZDP». E-mail:

Abstract. The article contains the technology and calculations for reinforcing an arch culvert without closing the haul for technical traffic breaks. The facade and the interior parts of the culvert, as well as the architectural appearance of the arched pipe under the railway tracks is preserved. The article contains a stage by stage concreting diagram, a rebar cage layout and calculations. Structural strength calculations for the culvert account for the impact effect of rolling stock wheels based on the ram tester impact on the rail model and include the calculation algorythm and isolator placement per Maxwell and Kelvin-Voight model.