Articles published in the issue 01, 2016

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01.01.2016 08:36

Labour inputs and calculation of the number of adjusters of the way at local system


Keywords: definition of labor standards of track maintenance, correcting coefficients, number of adjusters of a way.


Karpuschenko Nikolai Ivanovich — Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of «Track and Track Facilities» Department. Siberian Transport University (STU). e-mail:

Bystrov Anton Viktorovich — Tutor, engineer of «Track Testing Research Laboratory», Siberian Transport University (STU), e-mail:

Trukhanov Pavel Stanislavovich — Post-graduate student, engineer of «Track Testing” Research Laboratory». Siberian Transport University (STU),  e-mail:


Abstract: The technique and results of researches on optimization of labor costs for works on the current maintenance of a way and reduction of regulatory base of economy of a way and constructions to modern service conditions are presented. Dependences of expenses of work on the passed tonnage and freight density are defined, the list of the correcting coefficients is given, the share structure of types of works on the basis of actual data is given. The algorithm and the program of calculation of number of adjusters for works on the jointless, zvenyevy way and railroad switches are presented.



New program for technical departments track machine stations


Keywords: Calculation of shortening of the rail, the application for the Assembly of the track grid, automated calculations of railway track, construction of longitudinal profile of railway track, the rules of registration of profiles.


Abstract: the article considers the problem of the lack of automation of engineering work in part of calculation of shortening the inner rail in curved track sections and the preparation of an application to the Assembly and laying rail-sleeper grid, and build a longitudinal profile of the railway track. The authors have described automated systems of its own design allow to perform those operations with a significant time savings.


Pikalov Alexander — candidate of technical Sciences, the chief of sector of new technologies West-Siberian Directorate for track repair – structural subdivision of Central Directorate for track repair – branch of JSC «RZD». e-mail:


Bykov Andrey — head of technical Department Track machine station No. 20 structural division of West-Siberian Directorate for track repair – structural subdivision of Central Directorate for track repair – branch of JSC «RZD», e-mail:



Modeling infiltration of precipitation in the roadbed with ballast recess


Keywords: subgrade, ballast recess, infiltration.


Abstract: This article presents the results of laboratory experiments on the infiltration of precipitation into the subgrade with ballast recess.


Alexander Peshkov – graduate student of "The Path and track facilities" MIIT, e-mail:



Dynamic work of way under heavy locomotives


Keywords: spans, a railway bridge, roadbed, vibrodynamic impact of amplitude-time and frequency response.


Bondar Ivan Sergeevich – a graduate student of the Department «Bridges and tunnels» Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MGUPS), Moscow, Russia. e-mail:

Burombaev Sultan Adambaevich – Director of the Enlarged Almaty distance path (FC - 46, JSC «NC» KTZ «), Almaty, Kazakhstan, e-mail:

Kvashnin Michael Jakovlevich – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department «Transport construction» of the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named. M. Tynyshpayev (KazATC), Almaty, Kazakhstan, e-mail:


Abstract: Experimental researches of response of elements of construction of way are presented on the macadam ballast put on a road bed and reinforce-concrete flight structure of bridge, on vibrodynamic influence of locomotives with different axleloadings. The criteria of quantitative estimation are recommended influences, characterizing the bending vibrations of rail and railroad tie, allowing to determine the level of parameters of vibration.



The modelling of dynamic systems on the example of interaction  of rolling stock and railway crossing


Keywords: railway crossing, dynamic system, rolling stock


Basovsky D.A. — Ph. D. Tech. The St.-Petersburg State Transport University, e-mail:


Abstract: This article investigate dynamic of combination of lay down switch in industrial railway and rolling-stock taking into account  of the rail roughness. During simulating to be selected turnouts brands 1/9, 1/7, 1/6, 1/5 of the type R-65, the most common on the railway network is not for common use, in Russian Federation and SNG and Baltic countries.