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01.09.2015 11:17

The restoration of rail lashes welding with providing the set temperature condition jointless track


Keywords: temperature of the fixing, welding of rail lashes, recovery temperature condition, jointless track.



The problem of the final restoration of the integrity of welded rail lashes with simultaneous input of jointless track in place of welding of work in the set temperature condition of work is described in the article. To solve this problem arose a need to create a new method of welding, with the restoration of the set temperature condition.



Novakovich Vasiliy Ivanovich ‑ doctor of technical sciences, professor chair «Track and facilities», Rostov State Transport University (RSTU),

Karpachevskiy Gennady Vladimirovich ‑ candidate of technical sciences, associate professor chair «Track and facilities» Rostov State Transport University (RSTU), e-mail:

Vardanyan Artavazd Vagramovich ‑ post graduator chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:

Zalavskiy Vladimir Nikolaevich ‑ post graduator chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:

Kornienko Elena Vladimirovna ‑ post graduator chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:

Saliev Ruslan Albertovich ‑ post graduator chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:

Xadukaev Ali Supyanovich ‑ post graduator chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:



Intensity disorders rail track in a vertical plane at different sites jointless track


Keywords: geometry of the rail track (GRK), stability, jointless path, the standard deviation of subsidence, dock spans, approaches to the bridge.



Presented assessment of the intensity disorders rail track in the vertical plane in different parts of continuous welded rail (middle part of the whip, dock spans and approaches to the bridges on the plates and ballast BMP) with high traffic density and various missing tonnage staple of KB and presence of APC and geotextiles. As a result, the standard deviations obtained subsidence - SDS - in different parts of jointless track. Quantify the impact of rail joints and irregularities Sleeper base the rate of the disorder rail track.



Ermakov Vyacheslav Mikhailovich ‑ chief engineer of JSC «Transputstroy», e-mail:

Egorov Markel Aleksandrovich ‑ Moscow Directorate of Infrastructure, District Moscow-distance path, road master, e-mail:



About the methods of statistical analysis of the rail track


Keywords: railway track, statistical analysis, the level of labor, linearity of track, railway gauge.



The article describes the method of studying the state of the rail track by indications of track measuring car, which is based on statistical analysis. The author suggests approaches to determine the level of labor for the maintenance of rail track. Calculations showed that the standard deviation in terms of the way the situation and RMS gauge depends on the radius of the curve. The method of statistical analysis is recommended to compare the experimental sections with different types of rail fasteners.



Sergey N. Igonkin ‑ Head of department. Center of Engineering Constructions Inspection and Diagnostics, branch of JSCo Russian Railways, e-mail:



Safety at pedestrian crosswalks through the tracks


Keywords: railway transport, crosswalk through tracks, transition time, the human factor, questionnaires, device for safety regulation



The main demands for  transition time of crosswalks through tracks and the human factor  are presented in the article " Safety at pedestrian crosswalks through the tracks ". For safety of pedestrians, and also for optimization of temporary parameters of crossing of tracks is offered the device for safety regulation.



Zhukov V. I. ‑  professor, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT).

Volkov A. V. ‑ associate professor, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), e-mail:

Ptushkina L. V. ‑ post-graduate student, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), e-mail: