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01.09.2014 08:51

Continuous weldedrail track on the lines of low class


Keywords: CWR track, CWR track stability calculations, allow CWR anchorage temperature, low-active sites



Now one of the main directions of increase of reliability and efficiency of a track is expansion of scope of a jointless way which became a leading design of the top structure of the railroads. But as such design involves big initial investments, in this regard it is necessary to consider a question about expediency of laying of a design for a jointless way on various classes of a way.



Skvoznyakov Pavel Yevgenyevich, engineer, head of laboratory "System of reference track facilities" VNIIZHT, е-mail:



About automation control unloading of ballast materials


Keywords: automation, ballast, unloading, hopper batcher, track maintenance


Probably to automate technological processes of maintenance of a way in the presence of the technical means, allowing to exercise control of working bodies of the traveling car without participation of the person. With introduction a hopper batchers of  VPM 770 began possible to automate process of unloading and adding a ballast in a way. Constructive solutions of remote control are provided in article by covers a hopper batcher of VPM 770 and tasks of creation of the automated system of technological processes of repairs and the current maintenance of a way are set.



Danilov Konstantin Vladimirovich, General Director of JSC "Kaluga plant Remputmash", e-mail: info@

Sychev Vyacheslav Petrovich, doctor of technical Sciences, head of Department "Construction of Railways, bridges and transport tunnels" ROAT (MIIT), e-mail:



Neural network technology in the diagnosis of volume hydraulic drive


Keywords: The neural network hydraulics, diagnostics, technical inspection, prediction, failure, malfunction, reliability



Hydraulic drive is one of the most important elements of track maintenance equipment. In case of failure of the hydraulic system components during repair work expended considerable material resources due to disruption of work schedules and repair equipment downtime.

To solve this problem, we propose the use of neural networks for the diagnosis of the hydraulic drive and the performance of the following tasks:

prediction a technical condition of hydraulic drive to determine the optimal time to replace the drive elements;

definition of the current technical state of the hydraulic system to prevent catastrophic failures at work.

Application of the current neural network to hydraulic drive circuit shows the possibility of early identification of the date of hydraulic components failure and reliable determination the current technical state of the hydraulic drive.

Implementation of neural network system for monitoring the technical state of the hydraulic drive makes possible the transition from the system of preventive service and repair to repair the actual technical state, which in turn entails increasing the availability ratio of track machines and reduces the probability of equipment failure during repair work on the railway track.



Kowalski Victor Fedorovich, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, head of Department PSMiRK, Moscow state railway University, e-mail:

Vlasov Yaroslav Sergeevich, assistant, Department PSMiRK, Moscow state railway University, e-mail:



The measuring equipment for dynamic tests of transport constructions


Keywords: dynamic characteristics, devices for dynamic diagnostics, control and measuring systems, safety of operation.



The trustworthy information is necessary for maintenance of safe operation of a bridge construction about dynamic influences on bearing(carrying) designs, and their abilities to resist to these influences.

In clause(article) the modern equipment used for dynamic tests of artificial constructions is described: of vibration diagnostics devices and the equipment, allowing to receive the necessary information on serviceability of a design under condition of influence on it(her) of dynamic loadings.

The results of vibration diagnostics allow the safe operation of bridges under the influence of modern transport loads.



Kaptelin Sergey Yurievich, candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor, head of laboratory of the Chair of “Bridges” Petersburg State Transport University Emperor Alexander I, e-mail: