Articles published in the issue 08, 2016

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01.08.2016 14:00

Parameter estimation dynamic effect transport systems on the ground arrays


Keywords: dynamic instability of soils, stress waves, the energy of seismic waves, the predominant frequency.


Kapustin Vladimir — PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Technical Director of LLC «Research institute of Geotech», е-mail:


Abstract. This article deals with the measurement of the dynamic stress fields produced by moving vehicles. It is shown that the main parameter that determines the nature of the impact stress waves on the ground is the value of their energy. And besides for transport systems the value of energy transmitted in the soil mass to a large extent, determined by the duration of exposure. As a result, field measurements are determined by the prevailing frequency of stress waves, the tension in the ground created by the wave front and the duration of the dynamic load. These characteristics are taken into account when carrying out laboratory tests to determine the dynamic soil parameters.