Articles published in the issue 07, 2015

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01.07.2015 11:10

Justification of classification and terms of replacement  defective rails


Keywords: Defects of rails, diagnostics, defektoskopny means, survivability of rails, efficiency, nondestructive control, defect code, outsourcing



On the basis of the analysis of an exit of rails on the Moscow management of infrastructure, theoretical researches on estimates of survivability of rails and features of development of rail flaw relating to defective rails classification the defective rails on a danger class is offered, overall performance the defektoskopnykh of means is estimated and offers on transfer of system of diagnostics of rails on outsourcing are given.



Mazov Yuri Nikolaevich — Chief wagon-flaw detector Moscow Directorate the infrastructure, е-mail:

Sychev Vyacheslav Petrovich —  doctor of technical Sciences, head of Department «Construction of Railways, bridges and transport tunnels» ROAP (MIIT), e-mail:



Strained and unstrained roughnesses


Keywords: strained roughness, unstrained roughness, theory of creep, rheological constants.



The difference of notions strained and unstrained roughnesses is described in the article. Emergence of strained roughness is connected with reduction of cross running resistance, which can be explained with the theory of creep, and increase in the longitudinal compressive force.



Zalavskiy Nikolay Ivanovich — candidate of technical sciences, associate professor chair «Track and facilities» Rostov State Transport University (RSTU), e-mail:

Novakovich Marina Vasilyevna — candidate of technical sciences, associate professor chair «The higher mathematics» RSTU, e-mail:

Karpachevskiy Vyacheslav Vadimovich — lecturer chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:

Kornienko Elena Vladimirovna — lecturer chair «Track and facilities» RSTU, e-mail:

Shubitidze Viktoriya Viktorovna — lecturer chair «Theoretical mechanics» RSTU, e-mail:



Modelling of track like a spatial object


Keywords: a plane of line, an involute of line, a slope length, a run.



In this article existing methods of modelling of the railway track on the two-dimensional space are described, these methods’ disadvantages and errors are refered. It was proposed to use the spatial character of the railway track for avoiding errors; the basic provisions of this method are stated.



Buchkin Vitaliy Alekseevich — doctor of technical Sciences, Professor of the Department "Design and construction of Railways", Moscow State University of railway engineering (MIIT), e-mail:

Voronkov Andrey Alexandrovich ‑ General Director of CJSC "Investstrojjproekt", e-mail:

Lenchenkov Elena Pavlovna — postgraduate student of the Department "Design and construction of Railways" MIIT, leading specialist of CJSC "Investstrojjproekt", e-mail: