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01.05.2015 11:04

Damping layer influence on subgrade stability under seismic activity


Keywords: roadbed, seismic resistance, the damping layer.



There is consideration of special case in railway design practice – designing of subgrade in high seismic activity section. Goal of this article is to analyze possible measures of railway structure improvement, particularly subgrade improvement.

If basic structure of railway subgrade would be invariable, it is possible to enhance subgrade bearing capacity (therefore all structure in the large) by adjustment of optimal combination of subgrade and foundation physical-mechanical properties. Railway track height increasing is uneconomic and unreasonably, so far as it will excite growth of  volume of earthwork and railway stability will be reduced.

As far as subgrade construction with materials, which properties is premeditated, is not always possible or economically sound, improvement alternatives is necessary to be considered. In this article author suggest to inject  the damping layer in subgrade structure to reduce compressive stresses.

It is necessary to analyze geometrical parameters and physical-mechanical properties of injected layer, because they are significantly influence on structure reliability. There is actual problem in given investigation – common stability of subgrade with damping layer, as far it is depend on damping parameters.

Rational selection of geometrical parameters and physical-mechanical properties of injected damping layer and development of special damping layer structure can permit to reduce negative influence of destructive earthquakes and to neutralize accumulated influence of weak ground shocks.



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