Articles published in the issue 03, 2014

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01.03.2014 06:05

The particularities of designing the sections of the adjacent roads on the permafrost


Keywords: permafrost, adjacent roads sections, snow drifts, flood, boundary conditions, Yamal.


In this paper the features of consideration of the climate and permafrost conditions in designing the section of the adjacent roads on the permafrost are considered. The recommendations for the calculations of the thermal mutual influence of adjacent roads and the recommendations regarding construction, technology of erection and development of route of adjacent roads are given.


Passek, Vadim Vasilevich, Professor, doctor of technical Sciences, General. Dir. LTD "CLIT" Moscow,

Maxim V. Paskov, researcher at LTD "CLIT",



Reliable straightening-tamping machines


Keywords: railway track, integrated indicators of reliability, straightening - tamping  machine, track machines


In this article the developed and implemented a model that allows us to estimate an integrated performance reliability of liner- tamping - straightening machines at specific sites of railway track based on actual field observations during the operation of the straightening - tamping - straightening machines VPR- 02 and VPRS - 02 per between 2001 and 2012 at the site of the West - Siberian infrastructure Directorate - the structural unit of the Central Directorate of infrastructure - branch of JSC " Russian Railways " and annual reporting documentation management operation and maintenance of machinery for travel . Partially processed information is obtained based on the results of field observations of the process of machine operation VPRS -02 , which is located at the site of the Siberian State University of Railways in 2007 as part of laboratory work in various academic disciplines : "Apparatus and bases of calculation of track machines ", " travel machine ", " drives track machines "," Operation Track Machine " conducted on the machine.


Kuznetsov Sergei Mikhailovich Department "Technology, organization and construction economics" STU, docent.

Zaytsev Alexander Vasilyevich, Department "Hoisting, travel, construction and road machines", STU, Senior Lecturer, е-mail:



Assessment of ecological condition of strip of branch of railway tracks


Keywords: soil, petroleum derivatives, surface runoff, sampling  


This article covers the following topics:

- A description of the nature of pollution of adjacent territories to the railway tracks;

- the results of quantitative chemical analysis on the pollutant content of series of experiments conducted on the sampling of soil.


Sargsyan Ashot Mkrtich, post-graduate student of the Department "Water Supply and Sewerage",  Saratov State University of Architecture and construction, e-mail:

Strelkov Alexander Kuzmich, Professor, head of Department "Water Supply and Sewerage", Saratov State. University of Architecture and construction.

Teplih Svetlana Yuryevna, candidate of technical Sciences, docent of the Department"Water Supply and Sewerage", Saratov State University of Architecture and construction.