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01.01.2015 10:42

Compaction of  ballast layer in the tie cribs


Keywords. Liner-tamper machines, compaction of ballast layer in the tie cribs and shoulders of ballast sections, increasing quality of railway.


Summary. Nowadays in Russia ballast layer in the tie cribs aren’t compactioned. Result of this is decreasing of railway quality after liner-tamper works. For increasing quality of railway, it is necessary to compact  ballast layer in the tie cribs. Analysis of printed publications and patent literature connected with machines for compacting ballast layer in the tie cribs and shoulders of ballast sections, shows what engineering solutions have disadvantages. In chair of lifting, road-building machines and equipment of  PGUPS was developed apparatus for compacting ballast layer in the tie cribs, provide good quality compaction and high reliability.


Polianichko N.V. - Post-graduate student Petersburg State Transport University



The increase of informativity of the results of diagnostics of Special Rolling stock


Keywords. Forecasting, diagnostics, special rolling stock, statistical methods, residual resource, corrosion.



Need of increase of informational content of results of diagnostics at simultaneous decrease in volumes of measurements due to application of statistical methods of processing of results of measurements of defects of corrosion wear of the bearing designs of a special rolling stock locates in article, and concrete algorithms of the solution of this task are given.


Sychev Petr Vyacheslavovich ‑ engineer, Deputy Director of SC "Vagonremmash",  e-mail:



Control switches assembly ultrasonic flaw detector with phased array


Keywords: turnouts weld ultrasonic flaw detector, phased array



The article describes the experience of using a phased array flaw detector for the acceptance of ultrasonic testing of welded elements turnouts at JSC 'MSZ'



Shelukhin Alexey ‑ researcher at the Research Institute of bridges and defectoscopy,. e-mail:

Etingen Ilya Sucevic ‑ head of laboratory research Institute of bridges and defectoscopy, e-mail: